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Welcome to the website of the European Railways Association
- a society open to everyone interested in the railways of Europe.
Founded in Autumn 2013, this new association is for everyone interested in European railways, whether in full size or model. The ERA is solely web based although you may encounter our promotional stands at UK railway and model railway events. We welcome all prototype enthusiasts and modellers across the Continent irrespective of country, scale, gauge and make. Although occasional technical terms will appear in their native languages, our website is fully English language based.
The objectives of the Association are as follows:
  • To promote the active study and modelling of European railways.
  • To do this through the establishment of local groups and the development of an internet website.
  • To organise lectures, slide shows and other gatherings to promote the Association's interests on the widest possible basis.
  • To promote and hold an annual exhibition.
  • To have fun together and enjoy our hobby.
Members are entitled:
  • To receive our internet newsletters
  • To attend any local or national ERA meetings
  • To vote in general Meetings

An interesting video on snow clearance on the RhB Bernina line made in 2009 showing various machines including Xrot 9213, a steam-powered rotary unit. At around 6:35 minutes the Beilhack machine featured in the February edition of Eurorail (No. 2) can be seen running before its sale to the MG Bahn.
Three more videos (one above and two below) featuring both day and night snow clearance on the RhB Bernina line. Here, Steam-Powered rotary machines Xrot 9213 and 95403 are shown working.

More videos are available below the following show posters

Click on the poster to download further information or a printable copy, if available.

Les Petits Trains de Seilhac
Detailed video about Les Petits Trains de Seilhac featured in the July Edition of Eurorail
(In French with English subtitles)

Narrow Gauge Railway Videos
760 mm narrow gauge railway - Bulgaria. Winter tale. January 2012
Bulgaria: The Rhodope Mountain scenic 760mm narrow gauge railway (Septemvri to Bansko & Dobrinishte)
The rejuvenated Zillertalbahn in 2012
Rumanian Narrow Gauge in 2009